hair that is above the bottom of the earlobe
$  32


hair that is at or below the bottom of the ear lobe. Long hair also includes the “Bob” and haircut with a “Stacked” back.
$  42


age 12 and under
$  25


clipper only, no more than 2 guard difference
$  15


All Over Color

color applied to all the hair or to hair with more than a ½ inch regrowth
$  85 & up

Color Retouch

color with ½ inch or less of regrowth
$  65 & up

Fashion Color

intensely concentrated pigments, does not include pre-lightening
$  135 & up

Bleach & Tone

hair lightened with bleach all over, followed by toner to cancel or add tones
$  145 & up

Partial Foil

foils placed in a section of the head, not throughout full head
$  95 & up

Full Foil

foils placed throughout full head
$  135 & up


hand painted to create a graduated, natural effect
$  135 & up

Camo Color

gray blending in 5-10 minutes, a favorite of men going gray or anyone with short hair
$  40 & up

Price list reflects starting prices and a general expectation for basic color services. Prices can be higher depending on several variables, including your hair and any advanced techniques not listed above. During a color consultation your stylist can give you an accurate price expectation. Consultations are free!


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